X Plan Partner Discounts

Ford Motor Company Partner Benefits

Employees of select partners of Ford Motor Company are offered huge savings through the Ford X-Plan Partner Recognition Program.  At Lee Ford, we often find that employees of these select partner companies are not aware of the pricing benefits that they are entitled to based on their employment with a Ford Motor Company Partner.  Below we briefly explain X-Plan Pricing, eligibility and benefits but if you have any questions please contact any Lee Ford Sales Manager for additional details.

What is Ford X-Plan?

X-Plan is a preferred new vehicle pricing plan that is offered to employees of preferred business partners of Ford Motor Company.  X-Plan pricing is valid toward the purchase or lease of most new Ford vehicles.

Do You Qualify for Ford X-Plan?

Generally, employees (full time, part time, and contract), spouses and retirees of eligible Partner companies and members of specific organizations or groups may qualify for X-Plan.  Residents of the same household as qualified employee are also eligible with proper proof of residency.


What companies get X-Plan Pricing?

Currently, there are over 3,400 partner companies that qualify for employee X-Plan pricing.  This list is constantly changing based on new and dissolved relationships between Ford Motor Company and their partners.  Because of the changing nature of the these relationships please contact a Lee Ford Sales Manager to verify your companie's status and gain your personal PIN in order to access X-Plan pricing.

If you aren't sure if your company qualify, your Human Resources Coordinator may also have some information on this program.  Or you can always give us a call or complete the form below.


How do I get X-Plan Pricing?

Just call or visit Lee Ford and our friendly sales consultants will help you choose the right vehicle for you and your family.  X-Plan participants qualify for up to two purchases per calendar year.  After you pick out your perfect Ford or Lincoln vehicle we provide you with the special X-Plan pricing along with all other rebates and discounts available to you on that vehicle!

Want to know if you are an eligible X-Plan buyer?  Contact us directly at 252-291-6000, email Misty Barker or just complete the form below.

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